Dovilė GudačiauskaitėGud Prêt-a-Porter

Dovilė Gudačiauskaitė The young Lithuanian fashion
designer is a graduate of the
Vilnius Arts Academy. Improved
her skills at an art school in
Denmark. Presented seven
individual collections. Aroused
enthusiasm in the Fashion
Infection show after introducing
the Gud Prêt-à-Porter collection
in 2007.

Gud Prêt-a-Porter The beginning and the end.
Empty and fulfilled. Fire and
water. Heart and stone. Batiste
and baize. Feminine collection,
inspired by classical strictness
and the softness of romance.
From metropolitan fuss to
comeback to your own silence.
Nothing new. I stand. Walk.
Breathe. Purify colours. I hear
music. I feel. Dream. Wake up.
Little bears hide in the pocket
and smile.

Dovilė Gudačiauskaitė
fashion designer